Dot Mac Does Terabyte Transfer


Apple’s dot.mac service suddenly has upped the data transfer ante from 10 gig a month to a terabyte a month. Niall Kennedy sent me this this link to this screen shot, from another dot.mac user, but I have not been able to see similar upgrades on my dot.mac account. I would guess it is a progressive rollout. The increase in bandwidth for transfer perhaps has been inspired by people wanting to back-up their videos (purchased at iTunes store) or perhaps this is the beginning of something new: like an online PVR?



This past week I put up some QT video in my account to distribute to friends. The files were 175 and 12 MB. Both caused my finder to freeze up due to slow transfer. (Had not experienced this problem in the past) I finally used Goliath to move the 175 MB file and that took over 30 minutes. And then my friends were complaining that their broadband connections had trouble downloading. Maybe someone at .mac is experimenting with allocating bandwidth. In fact on the disccussions board there is a lot of complaining about slow connection with iDisk.

Anyway, I did not see the above “announcement” but I sure could have used some bandwidth.

Geir Werner

IF this is true, and I think it is, this is obviously a sign of things to come. This fits perfect with the idea of “media-centre-ish” new service from Applem via iTunes. You will be able to buy movies, tv-shows etc.etc. but you will never download them to your computer. Using newly patended ( google it…) cache technology Apple will sell you media that you stream from a .mac account. Anyway, I cant wait for Steves keynote in a weeks time ( actually I can and will… but you get the picture)

Jake Walker

It seems to me like there was a rumor somewhere about .MAC integrating into a new media service.

Ahh yes: here and here


Definitely not photoshop. I went to my account after seeing this on another site the other night. Looked at it yesterday when others started to report that it had been removed and sure enough, mine was gone to.

Maybe signs of something to come soon?


Don’t you HATE it when self-professed Photoshop experts want to be the first to call anything fake just to show their “discerning eye”? :) The only saving grace is that it’s so darn funny when they’re flat wrong LOL!


mine had it, now it’s gone. 1 TB of bandwidth is insane, and was obviously a mistake that got pulled.

Om Malik

well, i have had different responses on this, and with the permission of the author, blogged the screen shot. i think it might have been a glitch or actually something that’s going to come to light soon enough.


That is a real screenshot. I saw the same exact thing yesterday when I logged into my account. They seem to have updated it now though, it’s not displaying any bandwidth information at all for me… Either it was some kind of typo, or they are trying to keep something secret (big Macworld announcement?).

Glenn Fleishman

The screen capture doesn’t match the typography or appearance of my Account display. The type in the screen capture is rendered differently — more like Photoshop — than Safari or Firefox.

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