New Tablet Show woes

Long-time listeners of my podcasts are familiar with the original Tablet PC Show which I did with co-host Marc Orchant for The Podcast Network (TPN) for some months. A couple of months ago Marc and I decided to take the show off TPN and and relaunch it independently which has been very successful. A little over a week ago TPN released The Tablet PC Show with host Perry Reed and since it is still in my podcast feeds I gave it a listen. Perry is a great guy and a long-time mobile device fan on Pocket PC Thoughts and I was happy to see him give it a go with this new show.

Unfortunately, the show was released showing the hosts to be Marc Orchant and I which created confusion among listeners. I heard from several people who were confused as to our participation in the new show and wondering if Marc and I were not doing our OnTheRun with Tablet PCs podcast any longer. I immediately posted a comment to the TPN blog pointing out the host information was not correct and asked them to fix it for the next show. Perry indicated he needed help to fix it but it would happen. I told him it was the RSS enclosure tags that needed to be fixed.

TPN released a second show a couple of days ago and once again the podcast shows Marc and I to be the hosts, extending the confusion with listeners not to mention the fact that iTunes search is screwed up as a result. I posted a comment to this second show asking Perry and TPN to remove both shows until they get the host information corrected and then re-release the two shows. This would benefit both their listeners and ours and make sure that no search engines were returning incorrect information. I promptly received an email from Perry stating they were working on it and hoped to have a fix for it soon.

A check of the TPN site this morning shows that both podcasts are still being distributed with the improper information and my comment to Perry is not showing because they are not releasing it from moderation. This means only they can see my comment and not visitors to their blog. I don’t like being a bad guy but this is not cool and it looks like they are trying to keep this information from their listeners. Since my comment is not published as it should have been so at least I can inform their show listeners that Marc and I are not in fact hosting the show I have no recourse but to inform our listeners here on my blog. Once again, I am asking TPN publicly to take both shows down until they fix the information and then re-release them. Continuing to deliberately offer the shows for download shows a disrespect to my original two requests that they take it down and fix it. There is no need for them to continue to offer the shows for download and perpetuate the improper impression the error is giving to listeners.

TPN, please remove both shows until a fix is in place. Thank you.


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