WordPress 2.0 Help Needed

Update: I am with Mark Evans on the complexity of the blog systems. He and I are not alone. Paul Kedrosky is having problems as well. In my case, we had some problems which have resulted in comments from last two days to vanish! Others have had issues as well!

My last hope is that the Google cache (not updated for three days) will have some of those comments. I hate being clueless about these things, and if I didn’t have friends in SQL Spaces, well, not so happy 2006. Anyway I am functioning in 95% capacity, and hopefully won’t have to think too much about this again for remainder of the evening.

I recently upgraded to WordPress 2.0, and it has caused some problems with the comments. Apparently, the moderation has stopped working and whenever I try to manually edit the comments in moderation, I get this message, “Oops, no comment with this ID.” A quick check of the database shows that the system is adding some data ahead of comment IDs without any apparent reason. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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