jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #8- OQO video review


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Jkcoverart_2_7_1No you’re not seeing things, well I guess you are at that.  The OQO has captured the envy of geeks everywhere and this show is a video review of the ultra-portable device.  This is a first attempt at a video cast for jkOnTheRun Audio Edition and I give a good look at the OQO covering all the ports and features of the little PC.  Let me know how you like the video review, if enough people think it’s worth continuing I will mix video casts with the podcasts in the future.


Special thanks to Dynamism for supplying the evaluation unit used in this review.

CORRECTION:  the OQO has a 30 GB drive and not 20 GB as stated in the review (I was looking at my free space).  :)

NOTE:  WMV files will not pick up in iTunes so you will have to manually download the file and watch it in Windows Media Player.  I am working on an iTunes compatible file.

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James Corbett

Thanks James I really enjoyed that video review. I’ve been thinking about getting the Nokia 770 as I really need a powerful mobile solution for managing my website but now I’m wondering if the OQO might be a wiser investment.

I’m really looking forward to part 2. Keep up the great work.


Well, lets see; I’d be interested in anything from GSM/GPRS, EDGE or EVDO. It would have to plug into the OQO directly (so I am guessing USB). Hopefully, voice and data. Seems like the OQO has almost the “right size” to be a decent “communicator”. Like the JASJAR or the Nokia 9500, but with a nice 30 GB hard drive !!!


Thanks tfj!

Fernando- happy new year to you too. What kind of voice/data are you interested in for the OQO? Cellular? I’m not sure there are any USB solutions that work that are released yet. The one USB to PCMCIA I posted about last week (can’t remember the name right now) would likely work OK when available but I’m don’t believe it will do voice, just data.


Hi JK:

What are the options to incorporate voice/data into the OQO? Would a USB-based solution work OK (there are a few out there)?

Thanks and happy new year.


Yes, more videos, please. As the Chinese proverb goes, “picture worth thousand words; video worth ten thousand words.”

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