Sony to unveil the iPod of ebook readers at CES


BusinessWeek Online has gotten wind of a new ebook reader that Sony intends to unveil at CES in Las Vegas next week. Sony has indicated the new dedicated ebook reader is intended to do for ebook reading what the iPod has done for portable music playing. There are few details known about the new ebook reader other than the price will be between $300 and $500. Sony has produced the Librie in Japan for some time and while a very nice i-ink ebook reader the high price and horrible DRM has inhibited sales so we’ll see if Sony has learned their lesson. They intend to set up an online ebook store which will feature thousands of books from major publishers at launch.


Robert Kawaratani

Well, the screen on the Librie is outstanding. However, apart from size, it’s not that much better for reading than my Clie. Also, as you noted, 60 day self destruct DRM sucks big time. We’ll see if they’ve learned their lesson from the recent cd fiasco.

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