Server Transitions and Other Minor Issues

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11.56PM: In case you were wondering, no I did not get lazy, or keel over. Instead, I was busy with the server transition. We have move to a better and cleaner “apartment” so to speak, thanks to our server land-lords, RackSpace, and hopefully have put some of the infrastructure issues of the recent weeks to rest.

The DNS propagation is still taking its time, and it is also causing havoc with our feeds which are processed through Feedburner’s system. Hopefully, by tomorrow morning, most of the stuff will be sorted out, and if you are reading this post in your feed reader, well things are back to normal.

I have had some comment-related hiccups as well, but hopefully those are gone as well. Apparently, the comments were getting stuck in the moderation queue and I could not approve them. So for now, I am playing with fire :-) I have upgraded to WordPress 2.0, which I am told is faster and better. It sure is shiny!

Gentle readers, if you can let me know if things are working fine for you/ or not / it would be great. Just want to get the system tuned in time for the new year.

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