Freeware of the Moment- V4S


Use Skype but don’t want to spring for paid extras just to get voicemail? Those media streaming folks at Orb have launched V4S (voicemail for Skype, get it?) that allows you to send voice messages to any email or Skype contact, and retrieve your voicemails everywhere, even on mobile phones. V4S will send you email or SMS alerts when you get a new message so you’ll never have to check just for VMs again. V4S runs on Windows, Macs, Linux, mobile phones and Pocket PCs. Note that you will have to keep the V4S device always logged on to get VMs.



jk – V4S needs to be installed on a Windows XP or MCE computer. You can use a Mac or Linux computer to log in and check your messages remotely. But V4S can’t be hosted on a Mac or Linux box. (Yup, I work at Orb, the company that created V4S.)

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