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The Deal Predictions For 2006

We didn’t indulge in any year-end prognostication this year, mainly because I think most of them are lame and really don’t help, in, well, anything. But some fun with what seems to have become our big focus in 2005: digital media deals, for 2006.

Rex Sogratz: Netflix will be bought by TiVo, which will be bought by Yahoo; Absolutely no one will buy Knight Ridder. C’mon, would you?

LATimes: Will Microsoft spend $90 billion or more to buy Yahoo or, alternatively, AOL parent Time Warner? Maybe not, especially when the software giant could buy Barry Diller’s IAC/InterActiveCorp at a fraction of the price. If owned by Microsoft, Diller’s collection of websites such as Ask Jeeves, Expedia,, LendingTree and Ticketmaster could help drive traffic to MSN.

Tristan Louis: Having lost in the bidding war for Tivo, Yahoo! will decide to acquire NetFlix and merge it with some of its video offerings, providing not only distribution of DVDs but also online streaming of content.

Peter Newcomb, Forbes: The Bancroft clan finally throws in the towel on its languishing newspaper fortune and sells Dow Jones.

BW has a list of ten tech deals that might happen in 2006, and among them, the top ones: Time Warner spins off AOL; Yahoo snaps up Netflix; Fandango finds a home with Yahoo, with AOL waiting in the wings as a second suitor.

— A half-serious list by Jason Calacanis, and among the predcitions: DIGG will be bought by CNET; CNET will be bought by Yahoo or Fox Interactive/Newscorp; Gawker will hit 20 blogs and get bought by Newscorp.

John Battelle has his own set of predictions. Among them, Tivo and NetFlix will merge.

Phillip Swann has his set of ten TV related predictions. Among them: Yahoo to Buy TiVo.

Pat McCarthy’s predictions on the Web in 2006. Among them: Face-recognition photo application Riya will be acquired by a major player, despite early rumors which didn’t turn out to be true. Another possible acquisition target would be the Robot Co-Op and their fun sites,,, and

— Kevin Burton has some predictions too. Among them: “I assume Feedster and IceRocket will be acquisition targets here if not at the very minimum for their data set. Technorati is the obvious choice but I think they would want too much money.”