A Very Brief Outage


I had a little outage this morning, because of database corruption issues. It took a little while to fix, but I want to thank each one of you who sent in suggestions, and thoughts. Gregg, Mike Stickel, Ari, Vinny, and scores of others – you rock! No wonder I get blog withdrawls, because in the end I have readers who care. A big shout out to folks at Rackspace… fanatical is not just a word for you guys! Thanks for looking out. Many of the problems will be fixed as we move to newer faster and beefier servers later this week. The entire infrastructure is getting some serious upgrade! To all my readers, apologies for not keeping everything real time!


Rob Ya (手机干扰å±?蔽)

Sorry the following comment is for the third article on this page. Commenting was somehow disabled when I tried to post it. Biometrics? The thing is, as usage of mobile devices blooms, higher and higher requirements will be placed on signal quality etc. The same applies to biometrics – if wireless communication fails at any layer, no biometric data can possibly trasmitted. People that have been tracking news on cell phone privacy intrusion and protection know what I am talking about. The emergence of cell phone jammers, for instance, pose more questions than many care to answer. For details, check out 安特易å±?蔽器.


yo om –

been digging into your podcasts – great stuff. many thanks for your audio efforts.

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