What’s Your Favorite Blog Client?


OK TAB Readers/Mac Aficionados, I need your wisdom. I’m gonna plunk a few precious dollars down on a Blog editing client/tool. You know, like Ecto or MarsEdit.

So gimme your thoughts on which you like best (I like reasons too – not just, “it’s neat!” I know, tough assignment…) – and if there’s an app other than the two I’ve listed that you like even better, I’d love to hear about it. Which-ever gets the most votes by you, dear readers, will probably be the tool I use to post all subsequent articles here on The Apple Blog.

Let’s hear it…


Jon Glass

I’m kind of suprised nobody’s mentioned the new browser, Flock:
It incorporates blogging right into it, and it works with WordPress, as well as Blogger and other major blogs, and Flickr, too. I haven’t run it through any paces yet, as I downloaded it more to try to convince my wife to upgrade to X, but it looks quite capable of doing everying all in one interface. Worth a try.

Mike- as has been mentioned, the only real way to blog in .Mac is with iBlog. It was given away for free for a while, but that time is long over. I use it, but don’t really “blog” with it, so much as uses it for easy web page creation on my own .Mac site. While iPhoto and other tools integrate well with homepage, I find the whole process rather cumbersome, so I use iBlog for creating my updates and such, and reserve the homepage tools for rather static stuff. iBlog does allow for commenting and trackbacks and all those other “buzzword-compliant” things, but it can take some effort to customize it for what you want.



I’ve tried a bunch of these and my favorite is No Client. Just the built-in wordpress one. As soon as you customize your blog a bit (say to add a coppermine gallery integration thing.) Suddenly the web-based editor has that much more stuff it can do over a desktop app.

I like the idea of flock though. Keeping an eye on it.


I don’t get the Writely app. Instead of using the web-based editor in WordPress you use.. an web-base editor to post in a system that already have a web-based editor. Sounds a little useless…

Bill Schutt

Ecto with WordPress is a great fit, highly recommend.

NetNewsWire is a great feed reader, combined with Bloglines perfect combo for on the go.

Nick Santilli

Hey Peter – I think you missed the idea I was going for. I’m Looking for a blog WRITING client.
But yes, Net News Wire (now Newsgator for mac) is up there with the best of the RSS readers.

Peter Payne

Gawd, it has to be Newsgator. I have a great URL with all my feeds on it, I can check this from any Mac or PC, or from my phone.

Nick Santilli

Jack – thanks for a bit of clarification. Tinderbox sounds great – and like something that I’ll possibly get into (but wow – $165?) when I’ve got the time to pour into it (2 little boys, a boat load of work, and trying to post to The Apple Blog take up more time than I thought I had in a day)

I’m all for content management systems. I’ve worked on them professionally – at an enterprise level – for about 7 years. Trying to cobble together something distantly resembling a CMS using Spotlight, Tagging, Labels, smart folders, etc, isn’t the best system… But that’s a discussion for an upcoming post here on TAB. Look for it!

MIKE – I thought .Mac offered something like iBlog or something like that. I’m sure I’ve heard about some sort of blog software available for .Mac’ers in the past couple years, but not being a .Mac user, I really don’t recall. Anyone else got some dirt?

Thanks for the comments folks. I haven’t counted it up, but it’s looking like ecto is in the llead. I’ll give em both a run through and see how it goes I suppose. I was expecting a lot more one-sidedness.

Jack Tripper

Comments about Tinderbox being more than what this nice gent asked for are correct. You have to actually read the manual for it and do some hands on tinkering. Thanks for clarifying that. But for anyone looking for the application that can fit itself any which way to those of the Adult ADHD persuasion, Tinderbox is the gem. It’s a great way to look at and manage your thoughts, etc from multiple views. You can create relationships to track proceesses, manage blogs, info architecture, a stellar personal content management system, etc. But it is very true, this is for those that also enjoy the process of creating systems that work best for your own personal habits. It’s not fully plug-n-play, you have to tinker, read, mess with tutorials, etc. And sorry for forgetting to leave the link for anyone curious. http://www.eastgate.com/Tinderbox/

Again, thanks to those of you who clarified Tinderbox after my post.


I use Ecto, it works fine. Tried Mars Edit before and didn’t like it, don’t remember why though, I will try it again one of these days…

Oren Sreebny

I’ve been using ecto for a couple of years – haven’t had any problems with it, it’s updated regularly, takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

I tend to author in xhtml mode instead of rich text mode, as I like to see really what’s going on there.

andy diller

MarsEdit – hands down. Go get the latest beta – there is active work on it again!

Ecto- I used it for years and have a love/hate relationship. MarsEdit is certianly easier and more fun, better UI and gets things done.

Tinderbox- Are you joking? using this is like using Dave Winer’s OPML editor- self-flagellation is not something I get off on, however if it floats yer boat….

If you are looking to torture yourself with Tinderbox, go head:
I warned you.

I would kill for MarsEdit on windows- I need something while I’m trapped on my XP computer! Ecto for windoze is piece of crap.


I’m an Ecto girl…I’ve purchased it for my Mac and for the PC. I used to do the cutting and pasting thing, but it was too many extra steps especially since I tend to use a lot of pics.

Nick Santilli

if you’re mentioning something else, like TINDERBOX for instance, don’t leave me hanging!!! how’s about a link?

I generally write little bits as I think about it – I don’t always want to get onto the wp-admin page to add those thoughts. And I want something simple – not something I’ve gotta setup on a server, maintain, etc.

so there you go, more insight into my simple brain…. and what it’s looking for. thanks!

Jack Tripper

Tinderbox all the way. It’s that “little app you’ve been looking for all of your life”, guaranteed.


I really like using MarsEdit. like Diego said its really simple and as easy as email. my vote MarsEdit

Andy Smith

Ecto’s nice, but I rarely use it – I find if I’m going to post something on my blog, I always go to the site anyway and read the latest comments – so it’s just more hassle to launch an extra app.
The only time I really use it is when I want to include some pictures from my HDD – it’s great to be able to just drag them in and let it automatically upload them, create thumnails and a popup.
Ecto also has fantastic support for Nucleus, my preferred blog software – which isn’t that common, since a lot of services relying on its XML-RPC features don’t seem that stable.
I haven’t used MarsEdit though, so I can’t comment on it in this respect.

Dan Lurie

I love ecto. It helps that I know the developer and can bug him about any problems, but I would use it either way. I figure if its good enough for BoingBoing, it must be good enough for me.

Al Pritchard

Ill have to put my vote in for Tinderbox. May not fit the way you currently manage, and update your blob. But its a very strong tool, and can be extended to do research legwork for you. Any you cant beet that..


Well, I’ve tried both MarsEdit and Ecto, and I went ahead and bought Ecto.

Marsedit actually has a nicer icon going for it (ecto’s isn’t bad though). But Ecto has the best features. Hands down, just the best. It has more options than you can shake a stick at, but most of them are placed very elegantly in non-obtrusive corners and they don’t get in your way. There isn’t anything that MarsEdit can do that ecto cannot do.

I used to write HTML by hand, back when “the internet” was a word which absolutely nobody ever knew. I’m an old fogey in this virtual world. But damnit, if ecto doesn’t make me happy I bought it.

And I have to say that I am a HUGE NetNewsWire fan. But sometimes a company is better at one app than another. I seriously couldn’t live without either one of those applications on my Mac laptop today.

Why not just try out ecto, though? I think they have a demo version for download. Give it a shot. Why take my word for it when you can just see for yourself, for free? And if you like it, get it. Frankly, it’s one of the best shareware programs I have ever spent money on. Some of the others in that range would be Saft and NetNewsWire. There isn’t a blogging day which goes by when I’m not happy that I have spent the money on all three of those core programs, and I’m pretty sure that you would feel the same way that I do as well.

Daniele "Jollino" Nicolucci

I personally just write my posts with a simple text editor (my favorite is SubEthaEdit), then go to my blog’s admin page, cut and paste and there it goes.
I use an editor because it has happened too many times that I accidentally hit cmd-q while typing a post, and browsers just don’t ask you to save the latest changes.
Also, I tend to save often (but this is general in any app), so in the case of a power failure the text loss is small.

Oh, and unlike Ecto or MarsEdit (both of which I just had a look at) it’s completely free, so that’s another reason for me to enjoy my own solution. ;)


I haven’t used either Ecto or MarsEdit in some time but when I did I preffered MarsEdit.

These days I just write up posts on a Writeboard then copy them over when I’m satisfied.

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