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Santa Brought Some Web 2.0 Goodies

A lot of us have bookmarked links, hoping to use them at some later stage. Except we forget. kicked it off, and now many new bookmarking based services are cropping up that do that and more. For instance, Clipmarks. Here is another one, Diigio (pronounced as “dee’go”.) “Add Sticky Notes and Highlights to any specific texts of a web pages,” says Maggie Tsai, one of the co-founders of this tiny start-up. You can keep these notes private or make them public.

More online word processing…. if you liked Writely, you will like Zohowriter too. It works really well on a Mac/Firefox, but sucks wind on Safari.

With text ad options increasing for blog publishers, Amit Agarwal has put together a little tool that lets you gauge whether Google, Yahoo or Chitika ads are best fit for your blog. Enter a webpage URL or keywords and the tool will show a preview of ads that will served on that webpage or for those keywords. Works with IE for Windows now.

Cellfire is a new service that allows anyone to download coupons right on their phone. The coupons can be used at any Shaper Image, Hollywood Video, Boston Market, and a lot of other places, anywhere in California. It’s totally free and has some other really cool features as well-for example, you can directly call and order a pizza or flowers with the push of one button. It’s very different from SMS or WAP solutions on the market. It is a very interesting opt-in solution that provides consumers with useful discounts on products and services that they buy today.

and as a bonus link….

I am right now enjoying photo sharing service BubbleShare, which has just come out of stealth mode for well over a year now (closing on two.)

7 Responses to “Santa Brought Some Web 2.0 Goodies”

  1. Om,

    Thanks very much for taking a look at Cellfire. A lot of people are downloading and starting to save with great deals at their favorite stores and restaurants, without having to clip paper coupons anymore. In fact, someone can save more than $1000/year using Cellfire!

    It’s free and very easy to use. We support a great number of Cingular handsets today, with more on the way shortly. We also have more exciting retailers coming on board.

    If you’d like to keep abreast of what’s new at Cellfire, you can check out our blog at

    Thanks and happy shopping.

    Brent Dusing, CEO

  2. Om,

    Thanks for mentioning Diigo here.

    If we can help, we really do not like to get too lumped up with other bookmarking services like delicious though :) I think the thing that differentiates Diigo’s social annotation from social bookmarking services is that highlights, comments and interactions happen right on the page, in situ. Personally, I think this makes Diigo not only a more useful personal tool, but also a more powerful social tool that enable more fruitful interactions and connections among information consumers.

    See Flash demo ( and Why Diigo?

    Diigo includes bookmarking features as a necessary component, since without it, it would be difficult to track things. Plus, Diigo allows advanced search of full-text pages, tags, notes, highlights, and titles.

    Wade Ren, CEO
    Diigo (

  3. Om,

    Thank you for covering the Sandbox tool here.

    Just like to add that there is a Firefox extension and an IE add-on to access the tool quickly from browser’s contextual menu

    But even without these addons, the tool works across all web browsers.

    Digital Inspiration

  4. Om:
    I agree, ZohoWriter does suck wind on the Safari. We have worked on getting Firefox supported well on the Mac, but Safari (and Opera) have been a bit tough. But we are on it …

    A bit off topic, we are converting a decent percentage of our team to the Mac (we have been exclusively a Linux/Windows shop, in that order). We think BSD on the server and Mac on the desktop is an awesome combination.

    Sridhar Vembu

  5. Om,

    Thanks for checking into BubbleShare.

    Yep, its been a long long time in stealth, and we’re super happy to be above ground serving happy beta users around the world. Hopefully you’ve found it as “wonderful and ridiculously easy to use” as Mike @ TechCrunch. ;)

    Make sure you play around with my two favorite features: “audio captioning” (i.e. record your own voice to narrate your story) and our super-fun (and AJAX enabled, woohoo!) dynamic zoom view (see here for quick example: )– be sure to drag the slider around to zoom in and out, its more fun if you actually have an album, in which case you can use that view to reorganize your photos.

    Hope you’ll have some fun on BubbleShare with your holiday pictures!

    Happy Holidays,
    Albert Lai . CEO . BubbleShare