SlingBox for Mac?


A year after the trend started to emerge, The New York Times catches up with place shifting, in this long piece about Slingbox. The usual story, the usual information, but what really is interesting bit of information is buried at the very end of the story. The company is likely to announce a client that works with the Mac.

For now, video streamed from a Slingbox cannot be viewed on an Apple Macintosh computer, though Krikorian says his company will announce a solution to that problem in January.

If that is the case, then it is indeed good news for us Mac owners, but I will believe it, when I see it. Blake and the gang have promised this for so long, that its just …. Another bit of news buried in the story — new funding.

The company has lined up financing from Doll Capital Management, Mobius Venture Capital, Hearst and Lenovo, the Chinese computer manufacturer.



YAY, its supposed to come out! oh wait it was suppoesd to come out! where is it? whats going on?

Om Malik

i hope it is true, because otherwise this doesn’t make much sense to me right now. i am not an aggressive user of windows so this will be pretty cool.

Chris Pederick

Om, if that Mac news turns out to be true, you have just made my Christmas! The only thing stopping me from buying a Slingbox at this point is the lack of Mac support.

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