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Gizmo Gives Adium a Voice

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Great friends are a blessing. The blessings are even more when they happen to be fellow VoIP enthusiasts. Like Andy Abramson who sent me a little gift, a link to a plugin created by the Gizmo Project team, just for Mac lovers… the Gizmo for Adium Plug-In. Adium is a multi-protocol IM client that talks to most of the IM networks such as MSN, Yahoo and AIM.

The Gizmo Project Plug-In for Adium gives Adium users access to their contact list on Gizmo Project. it also allows them to call other Gizmo users world wide, and also call traditional phone networks. Of course, there is free voice mail. This is a good move for Gizmo Project folks, because a substantial portion of their users are Mac users. Similarly, the Mac community is pretty enthusiastic about Adium. Combine the two, and you got instant magic.

Installing it is pretty simple. Go to this page, hit install, and the software downloads and self installs. Exit Adium, and restart, fill out your Gizmo Project username and password, and you are good to go. That’s it. Given that Andy helped me find this plug-in, I had to call him first. And while we managed to have a decent enough conversation, our conclusion was that Adium-to-Adium calls don’t work that well. The Gizmo-to-Adium calls had great sound.

Still, if you are using Gizmo then this is a download you gotta have!

2 Responses to “Gizmo Gives Adium a Voice”

  1. Ah, gosh. I’m blushing.

    Here’s some scoop on the plug in.

    It was written by a high school intern (who may now be, or should be at MIT) last summer at SipPhone.

    It cost very little to do and is sheer genius. If Yahoo finds that kid, and it shouldn’t be hard, they should have him do the same thing in advance of their Mac client coming out, which I hear is being built using Cocoa.