Samsung Experiments With Film

Samsung Mobile is doing some interesting things with video at the site The first segment is called “Directors Showcase”, and shows some short films by movie directors which can of course be downloaded to select Samsung mobile phones. The films are well done, and are a good way of promoting Samsung’s higher end phones. Samsung is not the first company to commission short films to promote its handsets and I doubt it will be the last…
The second segment is “Interactive Films”, and this is truly innovative. The user four out of six different icons to positions on a grid (gender x mood) and the type and location of the icons determines the story. You can put four of the same icon on the grid to get a single view, or mix it up. It’s fairly chaotic, but the idea is that there is a mystery the viewer has to solve by creating and watching several different movies. So it’s not really a film, but it does use video effectively and is the first truly interactive film I’ve seen (choose-your-own-ending type of films can be cool, but they’re not really interactive).
I’m not sure how this type of interactive can be moved to mobiles — I suspect even the most advanced handset couldn’t handle it very well — but it does open up a new way of thinking which could lead to some very interesting mobile content, perhaps a similar system but with different people working on the grid, perhaps somehow incorporating user-generated content… I’m not exactly sure, but I can see the edges of an idea that will be really cool.