HP relists the tc1100


Eagle eye Rob Bushway notes that the discontinued HP tc1100 hybrid Tablet PC has shown up again on the HP online store. HP’s announcement they were discontinuing the popular Tablet has generated laments from all over the Tabletscape and now we are left wondering what the future of the tc1100 might be. An observation of the HP site shows two models available for ordering, one that is available immediately and the other that currently shows an estimated availability date of 1/16/06. Does this mean HP is actually manufacturing these again? Here’s hoping. Interesting side note: the overview of the tc1100 on the HP site states:

The next generation Tablet PC from HP, the HP Compaq Tablet PC tc1100, is loaded with new features for mobile professionals who are always on the run! Whether you’re working in the office or on-site with a customer, the new tablet offers significant enhanced features.

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