Digital Photography on Macs

Editor’s Note: I’m planning on this topic spanning a series of 3, 4, maybe even 5 posts here on The Apple Blog. I hope that all you fine readers out there will add your 2 copper pieces to the mix here, as I would love to walk away with some better practices when all is said and done.

Among the regular things I use my Powerbook for, my photography hobby is near the top. I love taking photographs and snap away any chance I find. I shoot in RAW and so have somewhat of a processing workflow that I go through each time I download my latest round of pictures.

I suppose I’ll begin by laying-out my tools. I shoot with a Canon Digital Rebel XT dSLR. I’m not particular to the Canon RAW editing software, but have taken to Adobe’s Camera Raw for Photoshop CS2. I’m still on the iPhoto train, as it stores all my photographs. 99% of the time I upload to flickr and my private Gallery page from iPhoto, rather than from standalone apps. (iPhoto’s plugins for such things are probably what keeps me on board with it.)

My usual dis-jointed process is to go into Camera Raw and do my edits, Save those photos that I want to keep, out to a temp folder, and then run a Finder Plugin that I made from Automator to automatically upload those picture files to iPhoto. Then weekly I usually back up my RAW files to external drive to clear up some space on my hard drive.

As you can see, the process isn’t super streamlined. That’s kind of an issue for me – I like things automatic and simple. I like apps that take a lot of the leg work out of it for me. I’ve got some Automator ideas that I’ve been playing with, but I want to save those thoughts for a subsequent write-up.

So to start things off, I want to ask what your Digital Photography workflow looks like. What apps are you using? What process do you follow, getting the images from your camera to their final, ‘display’ place? What kind of archiving/backup methods do you use – RAW/photo files specifically here.

I’m certain you’ve got some slick setups, and I hope to poach some of those great ideas off ya, so let ‘er rip!


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