2006, year of the 3G?

If the cellphone handset line-up from the likes of Nokia, Samsung and LG is any indication, Matt Maier predicts a frenzy of activity around 3G Wireless in 2006, and a lot of these toys could be on display at the CES. In his latest Wireless Report, he writes,

LG, Motorola, and Nokia all plan to introduce 3G phones in 2006 that should cost around $150, making them affordable for the mass market. Features include 1-megapixel cameras, several megabytes of internal memory, and high-speed wireless Internet access.

In recent months, Sprint, Verizon and Cingular have rolled out their high-speed wireless networks, and even the laggard, T-Mobile plans to get on board by 2007. The two 3G MVNOs, Helio and Amp’d are likely to add to the 3G fun as well.