Sell CPU Cycles To CPU Share

Seti@Home may have stopped looking for ET, but don’t tell that to recently launched CPUShare, a market place in CPU cycles. Will it work? Not likely, even though I dearly wish for them to succeed, but I am such a fan of grids. It has a lot of shortcomings, the biggest problem is that it works on Linux, and there aren’t too many Linux desktops out there. The biggest concern I have is that the prices of hardware are declining so rapidly that companies or universities, the likely buyers of these CPU cycles can quickly build their own grids for a few million dollars. During the 1990s bubble many grid/distributed computing companies raised hundreds of millions of dollars in an attempt to build a processing marketplace. Almost all failed. I hope CPU Share avoids that fate, for it is a noble cause.

CPUShare has been founded with the goal of connecting together the computers of the Internet in order to create a general purpose Low Cost and World Wide Supercomputer available to everybody to use in a matter of minutes, controlled by a market for the CPU resources that chooses the price of the CPU resources using the supply and demand law in real time.


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