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Performancing for Firefox, Awesome

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Some ideas, they just need passion, not money to get going. I am typing this post in Performancing for Firefox, a cross platform blog text editor extension, that allows bloggers to type their blog posts within the browser.

It opens a special window inside the browser, allows you to quickly configure your blogging software, and within a few minutes gets you going. It is an elegant and efficient way of blogging, specially for those who don’t use Mac-version of Ecto (in my mind the best reason to switch to Mac.)

In fact, if I have to use a PC, then this will be my choice of blogging application. Performancing for Firefox is just the kind of simple, lightweight application I had imagined was possible when researching my story, Microsoft’s Worst Nightmare. In many ways, it is the same utility which is the center piece of blog-oriented browser made by Flock, a much hearlded start-up.

19 Responses to “Performancing for Firefox, Awesome”

  1. om,
    you hit the nail right on the head with the comment about how performancing for firefox defuses flock’s hot feature. my biggest criticism of flock when it finally appeared was that “cool” features could easily be replicated by firefox or IE. i find it hard to understand why the VCs who pumped money into flock didn’t realize this issue.