Big Week for Blog Tools


After the big blog blackout of December 2005, many people are looking for options. is adding nearly 500 new blogs a day, and more recently Mr. RSS Dave Winer has started to play in that sandbox. But that’s not all. WP also has snagged a deal with Yahoo for hosting, much like Six Apart. The much awaited, WordPress 2.0 is finally coming out from under the covers, and is chock-a-block with Ajaxy goodness. (Good timing, don’t you think Jeff!) Also just announced, pMachine’s ExpressionEngine 1.4, a premium product I have become a fan of lately. pMachine folks are also offering a new free version called ExpressionEngine Core. One thing, which i would like to point out, TypePad, despite last week’s problems remains one of the easiest and simplest to use tools out in the market. Those who were affected by last week’s outage could easily take their data and port it to MT installed on Yahoo servers. (Pretty reliable, I presume!)


Om Malik

i use wordpress for i am switching to ee and have been setting up a private family blog on typepad.


Big fan of Expression Engine here also. Great product! I use it more as a CMS than a blogging tool but it is so flexible and featured it works for either. The new 1.4 is just outstanding!

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