Warner Crocker laments the lack of high-resolution Tablets


Warner is at it again, describing quite eloquently why he prefers high-resolution screens on Tablet PCs. He’s right, screen resolution choices higher than 1024×768 (XGA) are very limited, with the Toshiba M200 the only option I believe in a 12 inch form factor. The Gateway and Tecra M4 offer higher resolutions but in a 14 inch size that is just too big for many people to carry around daily. While I am sure that price is a factor with OEM decisions on screen resolutions the fact is many people, even long-time M200 owners, find the higher resolution on the 12 inch screen to be just too taxing on the eyes after a few hours. XGA seems to be the sweet spot for many PC owners and is a safe choice for OEMs who want to appeal to the biggest numbers of potential customers. My proof of that- almost half of all visitors to jkOnTheRun are running at 1024×768.



I’m with rebel. I use 1024×768 on my tablet, because I have no better choice. It is certainly not my sweet spot. I hope my next tablet is at least SXGA and has a graphics card capable of handling Age of Empires III. I know, the serious-minded folks don’t want me to hope to play a game, but I’m ignoring them.

Jefferson Berlin

Fujitsu T4020D is available with beautiful, wide-angle 1400 x 1040 screen, much nicer than M200. I’ve just switched. Very similar functionality, built-in optical drive. Lacks eraser pen and soft screen buttons, but very attractive option. I’m delighted with it so far, particularly the screen.


“My proof of that- almost half of all visitors to jkOnTheRun are running at 1024×768.”

I’m not sure how telling that proof is, when you just finished saying almost all Tablet PC users (a large portion of your readers, I’m sure) are limited to that resolution not by their choice..



The issue with regard to font size is down to the operating system. There should be an easy way to scale up the graphics – using more pixels for the fonts.

At present it takes too much work, and too many applications are hard coded for smaller fonts.

Warner Crocker

Thanks for the shout out. I see the same statstics for screen resolution from my blog readers. I wonder if that would change if more higher res optiosn were available.

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