Microsoft ending support for Internet Explorer on the Mac as of Dec. 31st.


Microsoft has posted an announcement on their Mactopia website that support for Internet Explorer for the Mac (active development of which was discontinued in June 2003) will be be ending on December 31st, 2005. After that point, there will be no security updates or other support for IE. Downloads of Internet Explorer, for both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X, will be no longer be available on Microsoft’s website after January 31st, 2006. Microsoft’s recommendation is to use more recent offerings, like Apple’s Safari.

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THANKS BILL – – > There are thousands and thousands of webmasters around the world that have done a lot of useless work while trying to make IE Mac pages to look nice and pretty.

Walter Jeffries

Woop-tee-doo. I’m not sure many people are going to notice.

Personally, I liked my first reading of the headline:

“Microsoft ending support for Internet”

:) :) :)


“I need IE for, it hates Safari and won’t behave right at all.”

So use IE for, it still exists! Fortunately MS do not have the power to wipe things out of existence by power of will alone. Yet.


I use IE for the occasional website for about 0.5% of my browsing for both Windows and OSX, so it really isn’t a big deal…


I need IE for, it hates Safari and won’t behave right at all.


I never used it much, but I still find a web site that requires it. It’s mostly intranet stuff for work… That could be an issue, although Firefox covers just about everything now.


My favorite response to this was over on CNet: “Both users will miss it sorely”. LOL

I dragged IE to the trash a long time ago.


Internet Explorer is a really bad browser for Macs anyway. I prefer Safari and occassionally Firefox.

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