Delayed printing

Despite my recent rants, I’m not anti-Apple or OS X. Even with the problems I face every day, there are still items that make me smile every time I use them.

I get up early. Most days around 4am, sometimes as early as 1am. One of the problems with getting up early is that there is a limit to how much noise you can make before you start to wake up your friends, family, or in my case, my wife.

One of the noisy things I have to do sometimes is print something out. Letters, articles for editing etc. Doesn’t matter. Even a single sheet can be a noisy process. I don’t always need the printout right away, but I might want to queue it up so that I can pick it up later to post it, read it whatever.

I could just switch the printer off, or put the printer queue on hold.

But it’s much easier to use the Scheduler functionality when you go to print the document. This delays the printing until a set time. You can even set a priority for the printouts if multiple documents are set to print at the same time. It’s easy to use, just switch to the Scheduler tab when you select Print:

Print scheduling

Set a time (or set the printout to automatically be put on hold), click Print and let your computer do the rest.

Just don’t forget your printout when it finally does appear!

Although I haven’t tried it for this prupose, I guess you could use it as complex message system. Send a birthday card or similar to the printer with a delay and go out. Then your wife, partner or whatever would get a surprise printout.


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