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Bell Canada Launches Music Downloads

Bell Canada is the latest to sign up with Groove Mobile and offer a full-track download service. In what is becoming a habit the press release makes no mention of how much each song costs An e-mail to Bell Canada got a prompt response that the tracks will cost $3 (Canadian) per download, currently US$2.57.
“The new music download service will allow users to simultaneously download songs to both mobile phones and PCs, transfer songs from their PC back to their phone and share music with others by sending a 30-second preview of the song.” Users of the service will be able to make up to seven copies of each song and “export them to a mobile phone or device as well as three unique computers”, so people can buy the mobile music and transfer it to their portable MP3 player if they wish.
Users will also be able to view the album art while listening to a track and search for songs by artist or title.
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