Picture of the DualCor cPC


The DualCor Technologies’ ultra-portable PC with the dual processors is being discussed all over the web since CNET broke the story a few days ago. Everyone is interested in a WinXP device that is also a full-blown smartphone running Windows Mobile 5.0 and I am at the top of that list. DualCor has posted a picture of the cPC on their website that shows something very interesting (click to enlarge):

Notice the cPC is attached to a portable keyboard with a trackstick in the shadowed image on the right. This device is looking better all the time. Also note that this device is NOT the device pictured earlier this week on engadget and many other sites. As far as I know this is the only accurate picture of the cPC so far.



Who wants to carry that ugly box around. A phone too? How embarassing. Multi-Media? I doubt it!

Doan Anh Tuan

Please let me know how about output port of cPC (USB, serial,..), any attached keyboard?


The earlier version image was a conceptual industrial designer’s computer rendering before things were finalized.


Nevermind, I see that both the Engadget picture and the picture in this post do not match the picture on the DualCor website.


I just received an email from the CEO of DualCor who confirmed that the photos floating around the web (via engadget) are in fact incorrect and this post shows the real device.


The processor is a Via, the OEM said they made a version with the Transmeta but it was too slow. This matches my experience so far with the OQO with the Transmeta, it’s just too slow. It does not have a digitizer, the OEM says it uses no digitizer which probably means it uses that technology that scans the screen from the sides to pinpoint the stylus. It is dockable like the Sony U and you can attach an external monitor to the dock.


Well, certainly looks interesting. The questions are plentiful: (i) will it be touchscreen (likely)? (ii) will it have VGA-out? (iii) what will the processor be (is Transmeta a candidate ala OQO)? and many many more…

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