The Web 2.0 Hit By Outages


Updated: A few weeks ago, I had a healthy and civilized debate with the gents from 37Signals (followed subsequently with a podcast with questionable sound quality) on the issue of scale and scalability. I laid out my case, they responded with theirs and so we went.

Over past 48 hours, there have been reports of Web 2.0 outages. Six Apart, one of the biggest blog service provider is experiencing serious downtime, which has left many a few influential bloggers in a tears of rage. (maybe that’s why it hasn’t made it to Mememorandum and Tailrank as yet?)

The TypePad application is currently unavailable, which means that users will not be able to log in, and visitors to weblogs will not be able to post comments. We are working to bring TypePad back online as soon as possible.

“Plus they’ve put up people#s blogs from last Friday, implying that this is when they last backed up – could they truly be this incompetent?,” writes Russell Buckley, the mobile guru who co-authors Mobhappy with Carlo Longino. The company says it is deploying the back-up copies from 2 days ago, but Buckley disagrees and says, “This is not true. Our last post is from last Friday. That’s 7 days of data lost and I assume not backed up.”

TypePad has been growing so rapidly that it is finding the hard way that scale & scalablity matter. Are they the only ones?

Not really over past few days Bloglines, Feedster and have been behaving like a temperamental three-year-old with a flu.

(GrabPref is a great site to keep tabs on the performance of these service.)

Why even Photo Matt was off line. Here is what the Bloglines team had to say:

We’re not going to beat around the bush about this. Bloglines performance has sucked eggs lately. Why? In short, Bloglines has been busting at the seams like the Incredible Hulk.All of us here at Bloglines have been foregoing sleep and social lives over the past several months to keep Bloglines running and preparing for our move to a new access center (with bigger britches and a very elastic waistline).

Uptime data courtesy of Grabpref.

Niall Kennedy says he will be parked outside SixApart offices and bring regular updates on the big-blog meltdown. Bring him doggie bags people. Here is a link to his interview with Anil Dash



One of the issues Web 2.0 companies have in building solutions on the cheap is that they don’t plan for real scalability of their infrastructure. Which means that they melt down whenever their traffic/audience grows faster than their ability to add servers/gears.


I was going to mention the outage too — they said it would only be an hour, but it was several times that long. Something about moving servers or something — but it made me realize how much I use the damn thing.

Helen Price

I think blogosphere is increasing at a high speed and nothing is melting down. It’s becoming an alternative source of media. Whichever one prefers.

Dennis Howlett

Why would anyone in business and fed up with the TP service chose to move it to what amounts to another ISP? Surely the better alternative would be to think about this as an opportunity to evaluate the landscape and think about their aspirations around this medium.


Because it may well kill your business.

No, it won’t. Online services *never* go out of business because of system scalability issues. They go out of business ALL THE TIME from not getting enough customers and not making money.

It crippled me since just about all of my bookmarks are there.

Would you listen to yourself? “Crippled” because your social bookmarks are down for a few hours???

Mark Harris

I wonder how many people here bitching about outage are on free accounts? And how many have never had to reboot a live system because something got snarled up? Stuff happens, people – get over yourselves. No-one died, fer gossakes.

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