Intel readies new processors


Intel has announced a new processor line for 2006. The update to the Centrino platform, codename Napa, uses a dual-core processor and refreshes the motherboard chipset and wireless package. Hopefully the new dual-core processor will perform better than the AMD offering which right now runs rings around Intel.


Tablet PC User

Did anyone hear which OEMs, for Tablet PC’s of course ;0), are planning for the new Yohan Dual Core chips?

Any ideas of when the OEMs plan to release their new Tablets?

Kevin C. Tofel

I can’t wait to see this new chipset in some Tablet models; hopefully the wireless capability is improved. Also, watch out for the Viiv chips mentioned in the article too. Intel is trying to get into your home entertainment room again; hopefully this will work better than their failed DLP TV experiment!

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