jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #4


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You’ve all seen those nice screen shots of the Aero Glass interface in Windows Vista.  Is this interface efficient?  Find out why I don’t think so.

Enjoy the show and let me know what you’d like to hear discussed on jkOTR Audio Edition.

Intro music:  Rock City Crimewave by the Black Furies
Outro music:  Joyride by Mr. Nasty

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Kevin C. Tofel

Great podcast again. An OS shouldn’t cause us to go backwards in the way that we work; it should enhance the way we work. Doesn’t sound like Glass will do that for some folks. Two thoughts: wouldn’t it be nice if the “opaque factor” were user customizable based on personal prioritization of apps? Example: I use Outlook, One Note and Firefox the most. If I could assign these a “1” while other apps were assigned lower priorities, perhaps the glass-ness of these apps could be minimal. Another option: instead of just being able to hide the Taskbar, give it a customized opaque factor so it’s visible, but see-through and not on top of other windows.


Thanks! Tell your friends, it’s a new podcast and not many people have found it yet.

Tablet PC User

I agree with Daniel, these shows are DA BOMB! Show #3 was just great and this one didn’t disappoint! EXCELLENT show James!

Daniel Burdi

James, I have been listening to all of your podcasts since your old podcast with Marc. So far I like Audio Edition the best because of its shortness. Keep up the good work!

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