Time Warner’s One Million VoIPers


It took Vonage three years and ton of cash to get to the million customer mark. Time Warner Cable hit the milestone in half that much time, and is now the second (US) company with a million VoIP subscribers.

Digital Phone was officially launched in May 2003 to customers in Portland, ME. By the end of 2004, the Company had successfully rolled out Digital Phone to all of its divisions, across 27 states. Having achieved its unprecedented goal of fully deploying phone service within 18 months, Time Warner Cable has turned its focus to rapidly signing up new phone customers.

Pretty sure not many of them know that their digital phone connections are actually VoIP. If Comcast follows the same adoption curve, Vonage and Bells, better watch out!


Charlie Paglee

skype, network, retail, monthly payments…. apples and oranges…

Don’t say you can’t compare the two because one costs money and the other doesn’t. Both are VoIP. Both are addressing the customer’s need to make phone calls. The fact that one is free is the whole point: it is really difficult to compete with free. Skype grew by 22 Million subscribers during the last four months of 2005. That equates to about 800,000+ paying customers in four months.

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Vonage as acquistion target by comcast?

No way Jose.

Vonage as acquistion target by anyone???

Haaa Haa haa ahaa

Sunder Iyer

I have had a less than stellar experience with Vonage. I will probably bail out of Vonage after Comacast rolls out their packaged Internet service/VOIP service. Do you think Vonage is an attractive acquisition target for Comcast?

Jesse Kopelman

I would be surprised if Comcast can’t beat TWC’s take rate. They’ve put this off a long time and selling “new technology” is Comcast’s strong suite. I predict 2M customers by EOY06.

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