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Syndicate SF: Searls: Static Web Meets Live Web

Doc Searls posted his opening remarks before Syndicate kicked off this morning: “On one side is the Static Web of sites that we architect and build and construct, at locations with addresses. On the other is the Live Web of pages that we write or author and publish and syndicate, and which can be browsed or subscribed to. … Here’s the biggest fact about the live Web: individuals are in charge. The group we used to call consumers are now producers. The demand side is supplying itself. Dealing with that fact, and taking advantage of it, is the biggest challenge and opportunity for everybody who wants to succeed in the live Web.”
The Live Web is where social media — the area so many media and entertainment companies are now looking to for growth and profit — takes place. A lot of the ideas mix static and live; for instance, audio and video may be based at a fixed address but can be inserted in other locations at the user’s will or mashed up to create something new. The next year or two will be about making that mix work.

Update: David Berlind is there in person.