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Syndicate SF: Allaire Keynote; Learning From Disasters; Feedburner

Uneven mix of reports and announcements coming in from the first full day of Syndicate SF.
Jeremy Allaire Keynote: “Any content owner can elect to syndicate their programming through the AOL network and get paid for any ads or consumer purchases generated. … With one checkbox, they can have a global audience of millions. That’s a pretty frictionless model.”

How To Thrive With Open Content: Panelists include Jim Brady,; Amy McDonough, Webshots; Andrew Eisner, Bayview Consulting. Brady: “I don’t see both email and RSS co-existing in the next 10 years.”

Learning from Disaster: Hurricane and tsunami survivors speak of the lessons of sharing information online in the wake of an emergency.

Structured Blogging Intiative: Thirty-plus companies launched an initiative “to keep burgeoning structured content standards in sync.” Herding cats comes to mind …

Feedburner Signs Reuters As RSS Client: Reuters is expanding its RSS use and adding advertising to the feeds. Feedburner also launched an Interactive RSS Service.