Putting Super in SuperDrive


Applied Micro Circuits Corp., typically makes a living selling communications chips. The kind which you and I will never see in any of the devices that end-up in our homes. So perhaps, I was really amazed when they sent me this little tidbit on what is essentially a big honking drive. It was demoed at Supercomputing 2005 tradeshow in Seattle. In order to show off their latest server board (3ware 9550SX), AMCC created a massive storage server which as a combined total storage capacity of 24 terabytes. (thanks daniel for pointing that out!) The best part was that it was built with off the shelf components: 48 500 GB Hitachi drives, AMD’s Opteron processors and Pogolinux (Housing and OS.) AMCC called it Raid Racer. Moore’s claw at its peta-best?


Om Malik

oh i goofed again. actually i was thinking about my fast expanding waist line – gigaom=> petaom. soon enough…

Daniel Spisak

Uhm, Om, thats 24 TERAbytes, not PETAbytes. Order of magnatude difference. 24 PB raid would require a server with, uh, 48000 500GB hard drives. ;)

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