PaceBlade OnScreen Keyboard


On the latest OnTheRun with Tablet PCs podcast Marc Orchant and I mentioned the previously unknown (to us anyway) PaceBlade SlimBook Tablet PCs. Sharp-eyed Sumocat (of the very nice ink blogging fame) noticed on the PaceBlade web site The OnScreen Keyboard. This is obviously just for the SlimBook models with a passive digitizer but is a nice on-screen keyboard nonetheless. Good catch, Sumo!



The PaceBlade Onscreen keyboard was developed by Arthur Kater. Arthur now has his own company, PlazaLOGIC, specialized in software for TabletPC and Touchscreen computers. PlazaLOGIC has developed a new onscreen keyboard, named EyesBoard, for Windows XP systems.

Mark Sumimoto (Sumocat)

Hey, I just listened to the podcast (I read about the PaceBlade through Warner’s blog) and noticed you and Marc had already discussed the onscreen keyboard. So what am I getting credit for? Perhaps the nonstop podcasting is catching up with you. :)

Oh well, I did clear up the confusion surrounding active vs. passive digitizer, so that’s something.

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