OQO Model 01+ teaser


The nice folks at Dynamism sent me a review unit of the OQO Model 01+ to review here on jkOnTheRun. Until I get a chance to write a full review I thought I should post a few early pictures of the OQO.


Mike Cane

>>>Hey, when you’re done with it, how about passing it around so the rest of us can look at it?

Hahahaha. I second the motion. The motion is passed. Get those shipping boxes ready, Kendrick!



*sigh*, looking forward to the review, especially wi-fi and battery strength.


Anxiously awaiting your review of this, especially as it compares to the U750. I’m thinking of picking one up.

Mike Cane

First you did this to me with the VGA Toshiba PPC. Now you do it to me with the OQO. You are such a fiend, Kendrick!!

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