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Music Notes: TagWorld; Warehouse Find; Download Overload?; wannabe TagWorld launched TagWorld Music Monday. The service, described by CEO Fred Krueger as “one part iTunes(TM) and one part MySpace,’ comes with its own web-based player; social networking aspects include sharable playlists. TagWorld Music also has its own version of a vault; users can upload copyrighted music for personal streaming. TagWorld also is signing artists, promising real-time metrics and up to 1 gig of free storage. Press release.

Apple May Be Holding Back The Music Biz: Is the one-two punch of proproietary tech and standardized pricing keeping the download and mp3 device markets artificially low?

Music Stash Recalls When Rock Was Young (sub. req.): Rock impresario Bill Graham’s musical archives are making their way online. Wolfgang’s Vault, started by the entreprenuer who bought the contents of Graham’s warehouse, will stream music until it finalizes negotiations for recordings and downloads.

Downloads in music overload: A study of 350 people from the University of Leicester suggests portable music devices are being treated much the same as TV, radio and CDs — people tend to listen to a few favorites instead of taking advantage of their full collection. The lead researcher says the responses show music is being “cheapened” and turning into “sonic wallpaper.”