JCV Gantt Pro- fully ink-enabled and syncs with MindManager


How I missed this program I will never know but I am totally impressed with it, even with just a brief time using it. JCV Gantt Pro 2 is a full-featured project management program with capabilities that make me one happy user. First of all, JCV Gantt Pro is fully ink-enabled and optimized for use on a Tablet PC. Write your tasks in ink and use gestures with the pen to manipulate the Gantt chart builder. In fact, you can completely create a chart without ever touching the keyboard. The program is a very capable project manager and very Microsoft Project-like, except it is also pen friendly. Very nice! Here’s the icing on the cake- Gantt Pro syncs with MindManager. Brainstorm in MindManager and bring it straight into JCV Gantt Pro to build your timeline, assign resources and costs until you have a final plan in place. All information input into Gantt Pro is synced back to the MindManager map giving you both a detailed Gantt chart and a visual map with no additional work. This is so sweet I haven’t been so excited about a program since working with MindManager on the Tablet for the first time. I intend to write a full review of JCV Gantt Pro 2 in the future but meantime wanted to spread the word about this well-kept secret. There is a full demo version available so you can give the program a try and it retails for $129.



Fixed, Tony, thanks! Before writing that post I told myself to be careful because JCV was too much like JVC but I guess I didn’t listen. :)

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