Finally A Mac Friendly Skype Phone

US Robotics, Linksys…. one after another, a steady parade of Skype-phones has been coming to market, making us Mac types a little left out. I wouldn’t mind a handset that plugs into the USB port of my little Powerbook, and lets me make calls, mostly the free type, to an increasing number of people on my Skype List. Now San Jose-based IPEVO has launched a set of Skype phones that can work with Macs. You need to download a special Mac driver, which is in beta, but apparently it works. (Now wouldn’t I love to get hands on this one!)

Its cheap – $30. You PC types have a ton of options, including the ones I mentioned earlier. Sennheiser, Logitech , RTX DUALPhone and VoIPvoice Cyberphone-K are some of the other Skype handsets on the market. In US, these phones are being sold through Radioshack and Brightpoint, a cellphone handset distributor.