Finally A Mac Friendly Skype Phone


US Robotics, Linksys…. one after another, a steady parade of Skype-phones has been coming to market, making us Mac types a little left out. I wouldn’t mind a handset that plugs into the USB port of my little Powerbook, and lets me make calls, mostly the free type, to an increasing number of people on my Skype List. Now San Jose-based IPEVO has launched a set of Skype phones that can work with Macs. You need to download a special Mac driver, which is in beta, but apparently it works. (Now wouldn’t I love to get hands on this one!)

Its cheap – $30. You PC types have a ton of options, including the ones I mentioned earlier. Sennheiser, Logitech , RTX DUALPhone and VoIPvoice Cyberphone-K are some of the other Skype handsets on the market. In US, these phones are being sold through Radioshack and Brightpoint, a cellphone handset distributor.



You can’t say the phones “work” except for the “buttons.” Without the “buttons” working, you can’t dial from the phones. It’s just a replacement for the speaker and mike.


Actually the phone works with both skype and xlite (and presumably others). The buttons only work in skype though.

Skype Phone Boy

This phone is for Skype only at the moment. Skype seem to be tying in all compatible products exclusively to their brand at the moment. The Cyberphone K was compatible with loads of providers but now the Cyberphone W only works with Skype.

Does anyone know what the other Ipevo products are like?

Tom Vilot

So — has anyone tried this phone? Any reviews?

I’ll be in San Jose at the end of the month and might swing by there and pick this sucker up — if it works okay …. :)

Audio quality better than conventional Skype?

Scott Little

Krzysztof and Paul,

This is completely off subject and I apologize for that, but… I am also living in Warsaw and I was wondering if there are any locations here that sell any Macintosh hardware/software? You can reply to me at


paul g

Krzysztof, let me know if it arrives, and then works. I’m also in Warsaw.



It would be nice to have these phones cordless now. The whole point of buying an additional physical device is to break away from the PC!


Does this work with other VoIP services like SIPPhone? Or is it Skype only?


That’s pretty amusing, as the this phone works fine in Skype for Windows WITHOUT a driver. The driver is more of an app that enables the buttons. The handset installs as a USB Audio device that Skype can use with easy.

Is what they’re describing a real driver, or just an app for mapping the buttons?

Wes Felter

Now they just need a way to magnetically attach it to the left side of your iMac.

BTW, I would hope that this handset can work with all VoIP apps, not just Skype.

Daniel Spisak

Technically this isnt true Om. Jerry Pournelle and I have successfully used the VoipVoice Cyberphone K with Skype on his 15″ Powerbook running Tiger. You can find the phone here:

it’s also on the Skype Store, but it incorrectly states that the phone doesnt work on Mac OS X because as you can see here:

There is most certainly software to make it work with Skype undex Pather or better. The sound quality is also not bad either. And you can buy it today! :)

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