My Big RSS-Ads Snafu

Last night I accidentally replaced my RSS template with a file that was for a test I was running for ad-insertion in my site’s RSS feed. It meant that all new posts had ads inserted in them, and well, a lot of you had an absolute right to be angry.

I would like to apologize for the snafu, and to all of those who had to deal with what was my bone-headed move. Original plan was to insert an ad in any post that was over 400 words, and since there aren’t too many of those, it meant you wouldn’t be bombarded with the ads.

I am seeking your feedback on if the 400-word posts with an ad is a good/bad/dumb idea, and please leave your thoughts in the comments section. It is only with your approval, something like that would happen.

And once again, my sincere and heart felt apologies for the snafu.


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