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MobiTV To Sell Video Ads On Cell Phones

MobiTV has launched an advertising platform that will allow advertisers to “repurpose TV spots to insert into the “local avail” advertising segments in the network’s video feed, where local affiliates are free to replace the national ads with their own ads for that market”. It’s also developing branded entertainment channels and looking at informercials and direct response capabilities.
“Because we carry a lot of live TV programming, there has already been advertising there. What we’re doing now is giving advertisers a way to reach customers on cell phones specifically,” Dave Whetstone, MobiTV’s chief marketing officer, told ClickZ News.
Naturally, I’m not sure that repurposing TV commercials is the best way to advertise on mobile phones, but Whetstone seems to see that as a transitionary step, something companies will do while they work out how to film ads for mobile phones. “He suggests keeping in mind the limitations of phones’ 2-inch screen, and targeting ads toward a younger demographic.”