Fujitsu LifeBook T4020D reviewed


The LifeBook T4020D is a full-featured convertible Tablet PC that packs a lot of wallop in a relatively svelte case. The T4020D has a 12.1 inch indoor/ outdoor screen that can be viewed almost anywhere you are likely to take the Tablet PC. The T4020D has an internal optical drive making it the perfect companion in either the boardroom or on a flight viewing movies. Check out the full review on Laptop Notebook Review and see for yourself why they like the Fujitu.



Just bought one 3 weeks ago and I freaking love it. Battery life is fantastic especially with 2 batteries in. Machine is fast and comfortable to use.


anyone have personal reviews of this? the T4020 is currently at the top of my wanted list: built-in optical, full-size keyboard, decent battery (anyone attest to this?), all <5 lbs. anyone got a reason why I shouldn't?

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