Amp’d Signs Up With CBS & UPN

Amp’d Mobile has signed a deal with broadcasters CBS and UPN to provide content related to TV shows to Amp’ds customers… “Under the agreement, Amp’d Mobile will carry behind the scenes footage, unique previews, interviews and show clips from hit CBS prime time series such as CSI: NY, NUMB3RS and The King of Queens, as well as clips and highlights from Late Show with David Letterman.”
There’ll also be video content from UPN’s America’s Next Top Model, Everybody Hates Chris and Girlfriends.
This is the third option to that whole “repurposed TV vs made-for-mobile” debate… mobile-specific content that adds to the TV shows. The benefits for Amp’d are obvious: Exclusive content linked to popular brands and — I assume — some on-TV promotion for Amp’ds service. Although there’s no suggestion that this deal will be an exclusive between CBS and Amp’d (that wouldn’t be good for CBS, after all) the wording indicates that Amp’d intend to create at least some of the content itself, which will make it exclusive.
CBS are keen to deepen the connection their viewers feel with the shows… “Through a variety of multimedia options that they offer, Amp’d has created a very personal experience to link the consumer — our audience — to our shows. The cell phone is the most personal medium; we see great opportunities here to create personal connections that deepen our viewers relationship to the program, or to creatively expose new viewers to CBS and UPN content,” said Cyriac Roeding, Vice President, Wireless, CBS Digital Media in the press release.
The service will launch when Amp’d does…sometime this month. Amp’d is riding that 2005-launch date right to the bone…
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