jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #3- how not to deploy mobile devices

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Jkcoverart_2_5Listen to the show here (8.31 MB, 12 minutes)

NEC MobilePro 900 spotted in the wild but sadly, under utilized by the company.  Why do companies deploying mobile technology often only get it half right?

Enjoy this show and let me know what you’d like to hear discussed on jkOTR Audio Edition.

Intro music:  Rock City Crimewave by the Black Furies
Outro music:  Joyride by Mr. Nasty

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hey jk,

a while back i posted on your forum about my Jornada 720, very similar to the Nec MobilePro 900. i said that it can easily last for 9 hours continuous use, has a touch-typeable keyboard, and a nice 640 x 240 screen, and my comments were disregarded as unreal. well, you seriously gotta try one of those Handheld-PCs on your own to realize how great they are. being a fan of Handheld-PCs will not increase your ranking as an MVP, as microsoft doesn’t seem to care about those any more, but they are still worth it.

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