Taggging/Bookmarking Service del.icio.us Bought By Yahoo


(via Jeff) I got a tip yesterday about del.icio.us-Microsoft, but couldn’t confirm it…turned out that the buyer is Yahoo. Eight months after the original tagging site got venture funded, it has been bought out.

Yahoo tried similar social efforts like Yahoo360, MyWeb 2.0 and MySearch, but couldn’t really crack the code, so to speak…so it has bought its way out of it instead.

The del.icio.us team now be working with that other Web 2.0 application service Yahoo bought earlier this year, the photo sharing site Flickr

Some more details on Delicious blog, the investors’ blog and on Yahoo Search blog

Reuters: Del.icio.us has only nine employees. Venture backers include Union Square Capital, Amazon.com and BV Capital, among others. Some 300,000 users have shared more than 10 million of their favorite links to sites.


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