BellSouth’s VoIP With Help from Packet 8


Maybe this will put those baseless rumors of BellSouth buying Vonage to rest. The Atlanta-based bell operating company has teamed up with 8×8 Inc and will use Packet8 as a “private label provider” for its BellSouth Digital Phone service. Andy had alluded to this deal earlier. Expectedly, 8×8 stock is up 21.65% for the day. As part of the deal, BellSouth will market the service to its Fast Access broadband customers. I am not sure, what is the long term status of this service, since BellSouth is working with Lucent Technologies and developing its own VoIP offering, that also proposes to link-up BellSouth-and-Cingular in a more meaningful way.

By the way, BellSouth is going to sell this service for $29.95 a month. You can get the same service, from who else, from 8×8 for $10 cheaper.



Ok, somebody SMARTER than me figure out WHY BellSouth would try and sell the same service I CANNOT sell since it has NO FAX for $19 per month and they want to charge $29 for the same service?????


Om Malik

makes absolute sense given, that most consumers can’t tell the difference between voip and vodka and something called voit. i think voip is too geeky for mere mortals.


It is worth noting that BellSouth calls this service Digital Phone and not VoIP, along the lines of the cable guys.

Jesse Kopelman

I will take this as support for the baseless rumor I started that QWest will buy Vonage!

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