Web 2.0 Daily Update & Other Assorted Stuff

I am swamped under deadlines for the magazine and also researching a couple of big pieces. Still, there are some interesting little snippets I must send your way to keep you entertained and busy.

More goodness worth reading….

And finally….

Pip Coburn says

Web 2.0 encompasses everything. It’s bigger than all of us and that is why everyone has trouble saying just exactly what Web 2.0 is. It encompasses The Free World I speak of, Chris Anderson’s Long Tail, Om Malik’s “Built to Flip,” the Perkins Curve, “the Singularity” of Ray Kurzweil, Nicholas Negroponte’s $100 PC, The rebirth of AT&T sorta with IPTV, Google’s “GoogleWorld,” the “Mashington Post” and Ray Ozzie’s Microsoft Live. Some folks still can’t believe that the words “Ray Ozzie” and “Microsoft” can appear in the same sentence, and if that doesn’t say something is up what does?


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