Verizon launches GPS navigation services


Verizon has been in the news a lot lately because they are constantly scrambling to keep up with their competition. They have just announced the VZ Navigator service which is a GPS service that works through triangulation of cell towers. The VZ Navigator service is currently only available on the Motorola V325 phone with others to follow next year.

(via GPS Review)



vzNavigator does use the triangulation method of detection for signal. Phones are manufactured with more than one chipset. GPS is a constant signal connection to satellite. VZW phones take ‘snapshot’ answers of your driving directions and show it to you. To where you only incur airtime when receiving the snapshot map or sending your command to where GPS actually often has a solid signal communication reading. It is not effective for GPS on cellular band on CDMA until a few things are resolved


VZ Navigator does NOT work on the triangulation of cell towers. It uses A-GPS functionality built into the Qualcomm chipset.

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