GMail Gets RSS Clips


A few days after Yahoo announced its much vaunted Mail + RSS Reader, Google has just turned on a feature that allows you to read your favorite RSS feeds inside of GMail Jared Jacobs from GMail team blogs on the official Google blog.

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on Gmail Clips, a new feature that can help mix things up a bit. Starting this week, you can see headlines from your favorite blogs and news sites right above your Inbox. Gmail tips and relevant text ads appear from time to time as well.

I am trying to add feeds, but having no luck in searching for topics etc. If you are successful, let me know. Otherwise, we might have to catalog this as yet another premature launch from Google!

Meanwhile, the feature creep, and similarities between GYM are too much for you, then read Bubble Generation’s latest rant about Yahoo. Oh they are not alone Umair. After all Tis a Season To Copy! Anyway what is Yahoo? I asked that question a couple of days ago?

Plus, Paul K thinks that GMail is getting smarter.…”where the service automatically detects structured information in emails, like FedEx/UPS/etc tracking numbers, or addresses, and then offers to track the package, or map the address, respectively. It’s about time.”



“Over the past few months, I’ve been working on Gmail Clips…”

He’s been working on this for months?! That simple bar that displays headlines? Months?!

Nigel L

I put your feed and the other top-tier ones on my and and that works fine. I agree that this is merely a way to stream ads across
the top of the page.


I have to agree with Dave Whiner, er… Winer. Web Clips is just dumb — a bad idea, badly executed.

Steve Cornelius

Unless this is something different, Gmail has had this “service” for several months…at least it’s been available on my Gmail account. Pretty underwhelming, actually. I wish they would figure out how to make Google Reader work better. I can’t unsubscribe any of my feeds.

Brady Joslin

Pretty underwhelming functionality from what I can tell. Somehow the “headline” feels more like volunteering to see a new ad. Maybe that’s because the first headline I had was a link to some TigerDirect sale. Certainly seems more like a Google gimmick than anything useful. I turned this off for my account.

Brandon Martus

My girlfriend has had this for months. It’s been driving me nuts trying to figure out how to add it to mine. Looks like it went public finally.


Got on Gmail about two hours ago and couldn’t browse/search for any clips.

Am on Gmail now and all is working fine. Added, yours, Scobble’s and Pirillo’s feed and, again, all is fine.

Ade (Manchester, UK)


I will give it a try, just let me sign up for Google WebAccelerator (so that my experience will be faster) and check my Google Analytics account for up-to-the-minute reports.

Oops, Gmail is down, cross your fingers. I better head out to Google Transit and see what they’ve got for Austin, TX.

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