Enhance TV For Mobile Urges e-TV Boss

Brainpool‘s e-TV boss Frederic Komp believes the key to future success on the platform will come from enhancing strong TV brands, rather than developing new standalone propositions.” Brainpool is a German TV production company so Komp has some vested interest… he suggests that mobile video should supplement regular TV programming — using the example of the Stock Car Crash Challenge where people could watch the show at the same time as watching different point-of-view shots on their mobile, and watching driver interviews in the breaks between races.
There’ll definitely be a market for this type of mobile content, but I think there’ll also be a strong market for stand-alone mobile TV shows. “There really is no business model, and if you are looking to make money by taking a slice of the video-on-demand revenue, the numbers are still too small,” said Komp in relation to this, but a lot of people believe the numbers will grow very quickly.
He made another interesting comment: “There is still a usage pattern for mobile that is based around a three-minute clip, but the time people are prepared to spend watching mobile is up to eight minutes. The main incentive is to ‘have a good laugh’ with mobile usage.”
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