Hipster Dating Site Bought Out By CNET Networks

(via TechCrunch) So it has come to this (I’m using this phrase twice in a week, so you can see where this is going): CNET Networks has moved into dating, making it even more of a crazy buy, as if it wasn’t one before. It has bought out a small nerdy-techno-hipster dating site called Consumating.

The two=person site started as a parody of online dating site, and uses all the Web 2.0 buzzwords– tagging, Ajax and others.

A good interview with one of the founders on the deal is here: The rationale: “CNET likes what Consumating is doing already – attracting geeks and bloggers and indie rockers and giving them something exciting and fun to do.”

CNET’s deal guy explains the rationale here: “How many other sites can help you find girls into comic books, PHP and Wilco in the Chicagoland area this easily?”

A good profile of the company is here on TechCrunch.

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