Go Go Redball! Widget


I stumbled across this in the DashboardWidgets.com Showcase feed. What may at first glance seem like a simple red orb is in actuality a delightfully animated plaything for your Dashboard. Simply enable the widget, drag it with the mouse, and watch it bounce around your screen. The thing that really impressed me about this widget was the accuracy of the movement; the reaction physics are something one would expect from an application, not a package of Javascript.


Get it here.

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this widget is really cool and i have been using it on tiger. unfortunately it doesnt work on leopard. It freezes up and does this weird thing where the red ball stays in place and the shadow of it slowly moves downward


I don’t see any popups, but this site takes the longest to load of any site I visit regularly. The main content loads pretty quickly, but the two side bars take forever. And the scrolling up and down on this page is very very choppy. I sometimes avoid reading the long articles because it’s so painful to scroll down….


i wish you’d get rid of the pop-up ads. it’s making me want to unsubscribe.

MIchael H.

I tried out the ball it looked like a cool app but I have a 30″ Display and the area taken up by the widget is to small so when the ball falls to the ground it disappears. (to Bad)

I will try it on my laptop when I get a chance cool idea thought, thank you for the post!


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